Under the Eucalyptus Trees

The magic of bringing order to a crazy world

Ancient Art

Inspired by the Beauty of Ancient Art

Rolled Backgrounds

Surfaces Filled with Texture, and Light.

Experimental Techniques

Unique Techniques.

I am inspired by my urge to bring order to a crazy world, and the magic that results when I manage to merge the two in my work.

I have moved away from the intricate and exacting work of traditional watercolor painting to instead creating layered painted backgrounds. I apply transparent watercolor onto Yupo paper with a printmaker’s brayer. Layer upon layer of  color results in luminous and unpredictable patterns and textures. Emerging from this chaos are atavistic figures and forms. Whose are the faces that make their way out of the background? What are the creatures and what is the nature of the plant life that surround these faces? I explore this in exacting detail using Prismacolor pencils, reconciling, however temporarily, an ordered world and a chaotic one.

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